Life is like walking in the rain. You can either get beneath a shade, or you can just get wet. And he loved walking in the rain. Infact, he had been doing so for the past many months now. And as the season was reaching its pinnacle, he wondered what will he do when they stop, if they do.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. And she loved surprises. She was used to them, the pampered little princess. She was born in wealth, raised in luxury, and lived life as it’s meant to be. Now that the business empire was crumbling, she wondered what will she do when it finally hits the rock bottom, if it does.

A life gets halfway around the world before truth has the chance to get its pants on. But here, their meeting was chance, the exchange of nervous glances an excuse and managing a simple greeting, courage. What started with a cup of coffee turned out to be an affair to remember.

Life is too short to rue missed chances. They knew, for both understood the way to live. The relationship was open, the repercussions absent and the chemistry, platonic. But can you control the emotions which creep on, the complexities which develop, the intricacies which magically appear?

Life is too dynamic to live by a single rule. Even if the rule is obeying no rules. What if love hits you the very instant you are trying hard not to believe in its existence? What if you try to despise love, and love becomes a solitary vice, eating the prevalent beliefs in your system?

At the end, does it all matter? At the end, is it at all worth plunging into?

For there he stood, with a box of chocolates. And. There she went, soaked in the rain.