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“Sometimes it’s better not to touch your dreams, take it from somebody who knows” – Hank Moody

Irate dismal dreams,
Broken in stages,
Caught me off-guard, this,
Heart Break and Champagne

You can move away,
But you’ll always be around.
How you manage to touch me,
When I don’t want to be found.
I still wake each morning,
With coffee and cigarettes.
Kiss the morning air,
Where you used to be near.
Feels so helpless, this,
Heart Break and Champagne

I walk alone,
Each day and night.
When I look in the mirror,
See condescending eyes.
You were my dream,
And I your chaperone,
How come I’ve been left,
To crash all alone?
Can I manage to escape, this,
Heart Break and Champagne

Deep rooted guilt,
The therapists say,
One drink would be enough,
To slide in the blade.
To sleep every night in the same bed,
Where dreams were made,
And dreams came to an end.
It kills me in places, this,
Heart Break and Champagne

Come near, come here,
I’m alone, cannot bear.
The gut’s wrenched but I put up a smile,
No one’s here,
But this,
Heart Break and Champagne.