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waking up at 1,
facing the scorching Sun.

covering the dreaded path,
of the room and galle ka dwaar

sitting there in peace,
of gandi si chai and them cigarettes.

returning inside the prison gates,
attending to chores and wait for a little Sun-shade.

football kicks and cricket hits,
evening dates always a miss.

trying to have cafe food,
damn it’s freaking 10 pm atleast!

rushing to Meherbaan,
stocking for the night a part of everyday plans.

returning to respectable rooms,
the midnight clock tick-tick dooms.

watching series, watching movie,
the dc plus plus releases excite.

wait for a little while,
the early morning chai from three to five,

the galla trips are important at night.
getting the theories of the market right.
you cannot wake up a fool,
knowing what you knew was as redundant as Chetan Bhagat’s books.

Either sleep at five,
or wait for the sun to rise.

if the Sun does rise,
get your ass up for yet another chai.

thank you! 😀