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[Scene: Flashback. Dark Street.]

“But who are you?”
“Me? I am the question in search of answers and I am the answer in search of questions. I am the light in search of darkness and I am the darkness in search of light. I am the sanity in madness and the subjectivity to your objectivity. I am that piece of the puzzle which doesn’t fit and I am that sign on the sidelines that you always seem to miss. I am the ripple in the silent sea and I am the name the cold wind brings. A clown in search of clowns, that is what I am miss..?”
“Rachel. They call me Rachel. Are you crazy?”
“I am but a conviction of reality. And truth, they say, is stranger than fiction. I am a vagabond who has no name. You can call me anything”
“It’s cold in here. I live nearby, would you like to have coffee or something?”
“Of course. When a pretty lady like yourself asks for anything, it’s difficult to say no.”

I blushed. He was attractive, his manners radiant, with a face as magnetic as the force itself. One thing led to another and I asked him if he could stay for the night. He went silent for a while, and then remarked,

“I will stay. For this night, and the night after this, and the one after and so on. I will stay as long as you want me to stay. I have only one condition, you tell about me to no one. You let me know, beforehand, if you are bringing anyone home. As long as we maintain our little secret, we can be together.”

I had been alone for a very long time. I acceded.

[scene: interrogation room]

“So. You do not know the name, any fucking thing about the person who lived with you for nearly six months. Is that right, Miss Rachel?”, asked Detective Gordon.
“Yes sir. That’s correct.”
“And are you aware that six murders happened since the night you met him and tonight?”
“Yes I am. It was in the papers, right! But they were all sex offenders. Aren’t you glad that someone is cleaning up the streets for you, detective?”
“NO!”, barked Detective Gordon, “Vigilantism is the last thing I want on my streets right now, however dark they are. Crime beds crime, and crime gives birth to crime. I took an oath to get rid of all the criminals the day I joined and the streets become safe again. And even if it takes taking out your boy toy, I will do that.”
“By the way, Miss Rachel, you seem to have missed out the part how exactly the two of you meet. You didn’t start off a conversation mid air on the street, did you?” remarked Gordon.
“He saved me from a goon who was advancing to take advantage of me.”
“Interesting. We did find a fellow unconscious in a pool of blood the night you are talking about and a steel pipe with no fingerprints on. Was your boy wearing gloves, or did he clear the evidence at the time too”, exclaimed Gordon, casually as he flipped through the pages of his file.
“What do you mean by clearing evidence at the time too”, cried Rachel. “He was an angel, he saved my life then and was a constant support. And now, because of you, he is gone. Far away. God knows when will I meet him!”
“Don’t worry. You will when we catch him.”, concluded Detective Gordon.