There’s something about this world that entices us, and repels at the same time. The concept of replicants, and through that, humanity. Humans breeding generations of slaves to do the dirty work for them, no more endangering or humiliating jobs for the elite race – even when the replicants are better than humans in almost every aspect. Except, as humans believe, having a soul.

The dystopian future has moved forward in the past thirty years. The new generation of replications is bio engineered to be miles better than the Nexus 8 series- which are being hunted down by Blade Runner to be replaced by the Nexus 9s- the ultimate obedient soldiers for mankind. This world is as forgiving to the replicants as the last, Deckard is as he was in the last film, and the new Blade Runner is efficient af. There are so many similarities in his interaction with replicants, which are spread across the entirety of the movie.

Before watching this movie, be sure to check out the three short films that were released over the past few months that depict the progress of the world since the last Blade Runner. Blade Runner: 2049 is a lengthy saga, but one that keeps you glued to your seat till the very end. The music is amazing, the storyline seamless and the visuals- a spectacle. The direction around Gosling’s interactions with the AI was better than La La Land (in my own humble opinion!)- and you gotta see the movie to get what I am talking about. A few of the scenes were nothing short of fabulous and something that I haven’t felt with the big screen for a little while now.
Also, Take a look at Harrison Ford, and you’d wish to grow up old even half as gracefully as he has done- bugger looks better than freaking Gosling in the movie- and I’m not kidding!

On a personal note, we’d discussed ‘Blade Runner’ during our course of Science Fiction in Movies when at undergrad. I’d written a pretty decent writeup on the movie as well, and I cannot believe that I did the reviews that time in a notebook (that obviously had to get lost!). Discussing this one with Prof. ANS would be an absolute joy again!

Go watch it. Best movie I’ve seen in a longass time! And if you are a science fiction fan, you’d be making plans of a second viewing already, as I am.