Thor: Ragnarok is an embarrassment that keeps searching for its identity between Deadpool and The Avengers. The humor is forced, and it successfully accomplishes in reducing the God of Thunder to a comical struct- one not so witty as the Deadpool, not so charmingly humorous as one Tony Stark, and not so straightforward as Captain America either.
The movie is a classic example of Bollywood in early 2000s – you have a couple of hit movies (The Avengers, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy)- and you think you have discovered the formula. Now instead of expanding the horizons in which you can engage your audience, you rinse and repeat. You mix and match. All the while laughing your way to the bank.
If you are a Marvel Fanboy- you might like the movie. Or a lady who just wants to have a good time looking at Mr. Hemsworth (let’s just say if I were remotely like him, I wouldn’t have worn any clothes in my life). Or if you are a kid. It felt like a movie made for kids- or for anyone whose brain ain’t developed enough.
Tom Hiddleston is charming as ever, as Loki, but an actor of his caliber must be getting tired of playing the same one-dimensional character over and again. Cate Blanchett has got to be the finest woman-villain in fantasy for Hollywood. Chris Hemsworth does whatever he’s been told to, not his fault that the studios wanted to make the movie a certain way.

Ah Come on!

The visual effects are enchanting, could have used a little more serious storytelling. I do not want inane jokes in the middle of an intense battle scene- which never reaches an intense level because of the said jokes.


Check out this review of Thor. The one unpaid review that I could find on the internet: