Walked for miles and miles with no end in sight,
No companions, stuck in a tunnel
whose end he couldn’t find.

Walking through, doubts got stuck in his head,
Should have he gotten in with least one of his mates?
Though the realization had already dawned he had pushed it away,
Your friends really are only for your summer days.

No one likes a sad sod, that sure holds true,
Go wipe your tears and if you are in a good mood,
We’ll always be there for you.

Walked some more, thought to himself,
“This was good, did I just have a catharsis by myself?”
Damn you, fool, there’s still miles to go,
But you aren’t all alone, I’ll have you know.

And just then, he saw a shadow move,
A shape, a cape,
someone sharing his doom.

Ran to it like there was no tomorrow,
The tunnel still dark as ever but there sparked hope in his forlorn borough.
His lungs bursting, face in tears,
Feared what he might find in there.

He ran through these void spaces, all the uninhabited places,
Reached all out, down below.
Chased only to find,
An empty face, a mannequin,
Only a shadow.