H O L Y. S H I T.
This has been my reaction watching some of the movies in the past few years. I’m sure it has been yours as well, with one or the other. Kabir Singh is not that movie. 

See, anyone can try to be Guy Ritche, direct those cool camera shots- but they forget a very important aspect of a good film – writing. It needs to be at least a semblance of a coherent narrative and not a mere vehicle of blasting music to show the lead actor walking around via 15 camera shots from varied angles. The first half of the film was Tere Naam, rowdy guy falls in love with a potato, sorry, pretty girl and the girl falls for him too. And sorry, it’s pretty easy being confused between a vegetable and the lead actress of the movie, given they have the same personality.

The lead actress does not have more than 10 words in the movie. An empty vase, nothing more than that. Displaying a medical student in 2019 like the way the movie did, showcasing the college campus where there’s one sher and the rest are pathetic losers- including the warden, the dean, rest of the entire student base- should be borderline criminal.

And let’s not get started on the sheer misogynist undertones. The actor kisses the lady without consent then practically says no one saw anything, tells who her friends should be, fat shames, is inappropriate to the father of a first year student- eyeing her in front of him, and if this wasn’t enough, slaps the lady as well. Don’t think that the heroine even opened her mouth in the first hour twenty minutes of the movie and thought that the big twist of the movie would be that she is a mute or a mentally disadvantaged kid or something.  

Well, turns out she was just stupid. And Shahid, as good as he looks and carries himself, can do only so much with the shitty writing and direction. Not a lot to gain from glorifying a ‘chutiya’, could have just shown his life from a normal lens and not the lens of a hero- could have made a half-decent watch. Still could be, I could only sit through the first half, and that’s just because I’d gone with someone. Else would have walked out in 20. At max.