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Buying Lucasfilm for $4B has got to be up there with the best decisions that Disney has ever made. It has already incorporated Star Wars in its theme parks, has merchandise sales, has gotten content for Disney+.. pretty sure that the list goes on. And all at the cost of creating sub-standard films that keep generating monetary value!

I have absolutely hated the movies since The Phantom Menace but episodes I, II, III still felt like they had a coherent story to tell. The ones that have released since have just served the purpose of making money for our Disney overlords! Knowing all this, I decided to leave my brain at home and went to watch this movie.

If you decide to not apply logic to the asinine sequences, time jumps, cop-outs and some of the worst wrapping up of character arcs- it can be a fun experience. The jokes are surprisingly funny and the action sequences are fabulous. The massive fleet fight at the end takes the cake and I got to say-I almost became invested in the film for a good hour in between.

Go for it if you are a fan, I felt that I needed to see the end of the Skywalker saga. Even though tight storylines is a concept that lies in a galaxy far far away.


P.S: This dude might just be my new favorite character. Babu Frik comfortably stole every scene he was a part of.
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