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Thank the Lord they cremated him for good,
Ponder a little, if only you would.

It would have hurt even in the grave,
To reside in a land, lived in by the dead.

There was a time when the industries were set,
The second five year plan was carved for the nation at unrest.
The capitalists then acted as socialists,
The major offices all were state‘s.

With all the trust chacha Nehru stood on,
Realizing the dream of a sovereign republic live long.
The Chinese betrayal took his life,
But worse was Kashmir on a hinge, up to debate.

We have made a progress since then,
Hundred crore scams the norm of the day.
With the nation now guided by a spineless center,
Who can show us the way, the common man banters.

They dystopia is looking down,
Malice in its eyes, carrying a frown.

We now settle the disputes by force,
Justice is nothing till it all does down.
“see! The riots in Gujarat were a mighty show,
Now the Muslims are afraid to strike any blow.“
Such (pitiful) views are endorsed by the party leaders,
Fills your eyes with sadness and throat with hunger.
True, the state is since riot free,
But the destruction left in the wake is for all to see.

The democratic cycle is completing a full round,
Tibet question still looms, as does the Himalayan crown.
The rage of the naxalites is still rampant,
The demands of Nagaland and Telangna still effervescent.

These were the same problems we had in the sixties,
Made much progress, really, have we?
Bending our backs to please the communist neighbour,
As the world celebrated year last, the year of the dragon.

So please don’t get me wrong when I say,
I am sure as glad the Mahatma is dead.