Don’t worry, be happy.
Don’t let the worries of the future eat your today,
Or the past cast a shadow on what’s in front.
And when at all your minds tries to wander off,
Just know, remember, you gotta,
Not worry, and be happy.

It’s easy having a metric ton on your head,
Misery can act very kind, it loves company.
If not for yourself, do it for ones who spend their time with you,
When you are down, you drag them behind too.
Just for a while, try to be free,
Don’t worry, be happy.

Life is a marathon, not a rat race,
A few months of giving yourself some time won’t hurt you, will it?
If your counter on things to do starts in the morning and you’re spent come night,
Is there any justice you’re doing yourself or your mind?
When you feel the shackles are making their move,
You close your eyes, you break free,
You jump off to the next platform,
And not worry, just be happy.

There will always be folks trying to pull you down,
Distress that will make you want yank your hairs out.
But remember you always have a choice,
You can either be weighed down,
Or just smile, refuse to be.
Be content,
Find your zen,
Not worry, are happy.