I’ve got minutes left,
An hour at max.
Tell everyone I loved them,
To remember me, when I am laid to rest.

And you my love,
I have my thanks to say.
To hold me when the world was black,
When everything good seemed at bay.

I look back and I see it all,
What could have I done different.
A solitary reaper may one lament,
The wrongdoings I didn’t get a chance to pay.

What would I not give,
To have you again in my arms.
Touch you, kiss you, feel you,
Breathe with you each breath.

Haven’t said it enough as I may have liked,
Haven’t said it enough that you deserve.
You are the one I have always loved,
Every fleeting second of each passing day.

And I hope you forget,
Me not being perfect.
I am sending a kiss sealed by the wind,
Let it rest a while on your cheek when it gets there.

Me. I’ll be happy by the thought,
Falling like a man,
Defending like a hero a soldier lives to be,
Smile caressing lips till I’m dead.