wind chimes

The writing was there on the wall,
We couldn’t see it.
The place had been in ruins all along,
The blindfold’s opening just sealed it.

The endless quarrels, the anguish, the pain,
An understanding that never got two legs to stand.
We were mad at the world and took it out on us,
Hoping the love reserve would save us but we emptied it, alas.

Every fight we had, took something out of us,
Till what remained resembled a skeleton of broken dreams and such.
Each of our arguments had two losers,
The collateral damage being taken out from the memories that made us.

And in the end, who was wrong and who was right?
The love we extinguished in having the last laughs those nights.
If only, had we just stopped and listened,
Us could have lived,
Life been different.