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Steven Paul ‘Steve’ Jobs. On second thought, I’d go without the quotes-unquotes. Steve Jobs. Today, we’ve lost one of the most amazingly talented geniuses on earth.
He had a style that sparks off brilliance, he had a demeanor of a man you know you can trust. When he spoke, it was just felt good to listen.
Compare that to the recent Keynote of Facebook. It lacked the certain aura of excellence that we have grown so accustomed to, whenever he brought us the first iPod, the first slim Macbooks, the first iTouch, the first iPhone. The list goes on and on. And even when he spoke about the nth generation of the product, you knew he was going to pull off another rabbit off his hat.
He will be missed, Steve Jobs. The world of technology owes him a lot. And all my childhood hours passed wondering over Apple’s newest products owes him a lot. The brand that’s become a household name all over the globe owes him a lot.
May he rest in peace.