Does there exist a difference between indifference and insensitivity? Can there is – a line which we can draw to mark on and tread it, step at a time.
Can we escape the social aspects of a society not being labeled as a pariah? Can we have the liberty of asking not to be labeled without being labeled a fascist?
If we shut ourselves up against everyone, do our part, aren’t we contributing to the place we live in? If not being judged is a small price we’re asking for not interfering, are we being judgemental of the society?
Personally, I find dance, drama, chit chat, jibber jabber useless. Unless that’s accompanied by my brand of cigarettes and/or a glass of a neat beverage. That limits my hangout joints but if I say I prefer it that way, am I being paranoid of what is not understood?
The meal at cafeteria with five friends! Well that might work a day an odd week with ‘my gang’, but the rest of the days, if I enjoy a meal alone, is that too much to ask for without being wondered upon to why someone has to eat alone. Folks. It’s a choice.
We’ve all become much restricted by the reservations we have imposed on our own selves. And by putting reservations on ourselves, we have been getting used to the little personal space we’ve created to hide back in. For some it’s a campus round, for some a trip to the Infocity, for some a sitting for some coffee at Java Green, and maybe for some, it is watching the turtles hide in the lotus pond or watching how the birds fly after a dive at the water. The point here is, what happens if the little space is taken for us. What happens to us when the chaos of the realization that our safe place is gone strikes? Do we pick ourselves up, go look for a new hiding place or we try to find how it got away in the first place?
When we try searching so hard for the answers, are we really very clear to what we want? Pick an average guy in this college and ask him if he really wanted to do engineering. The answer, in most cases than not will be a no. It’s shocking. What’s even more shocking is if you ask him what did he really wanted to do and he would have no answers. Why, when we have been pushed into a room where out ten doors, nine hold a prize, we go for the one which has none. Just because it looks cooler? Just because being a rebel suits the personality you want to support?
And. At last. Is it easier living a lie, than to acknowledge the truth which could break your palace of glass or strengthen it to metal. It’s your life. Pick a choice.