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He smiles,
she laughs.
Feeling each other,
They touch.

Lost in embrace,
They try and remember,
What is it that’s so hard to forget?
If she could only shut it out,
As he tries to kill it off,
Forget conscience,
In the safety of others’ arms,
They smell.

Oblivious to the world,
She kisses the other,
on the neck he feels.
Feels his pulse rising, he.
Takes her into his arms,
Pinned to be one,
They hear, the heartbeat of the other.

The night was reaching its climax,
Or was it the day?
She couldn’t care less.
The moment belonged to her,
And no one else.
He was ecstatic,
No one could hold down what was his to own.
Treading along the wanderlust,
Bodies against bodies,
Lips against limbs,
On the taste, they feast.

Slept peacefully after making love,
Molding it, perfecting it to their wants.
She wakes up,
Tries to feel him by her side.
He sits there,

Smelling her body,
Listening her breath,
Stroking tenderly on the soft breasts,
Tasting the morning air, bringing promises and fears alike.

Was there a sense that something was amiss?
As they stood up,
Hand in hand,
Took their walking sticks.
For all he could sense, he couldn’t see how beautiful she looked.
For all the feelings her heart could take, neither could she..