their lives

They always brought out the best in each other, in most parts. Nothing is perfect, but what they had, they believed it to be as close as it gets. No promises, no commitments of being around till the next lifetime- it was about living in the moment, garnering the most from every second they had together, loving the other to bits even when they knew it was not for forever. Maybe they realized, for the sake of sanity of their minds and their souls, that the fires that burn this bright, are not meant to last.


She didn’t only give away her heart to this nomadic, affectious mess of a human being- she exchanged a part of her soul. Was it a surprise, then, that she was always left wondering with the question of what could have been?

He had fallen for her the moment that he lay his eyes on her, but tried to play it cool every time. She was an exotic goddess, not to be touched, not to be trifled with- share a few smiles, roam some miles- and that was about that. But with her every laugh, he fell some more; with every step, found himself at a place it was getting more and more difficult to come back from. He found himself falling in love, found himself falling very very fast. How can be so astonished now that he finds it very difficult to stand back up again, now that it is over?


 She was his Sweet Child, and he was her perfect recipe for the peaceful Sunday morning. The excised the same routine every time they went to bed together- she trying to sleep, he sneaking a kiss on her neck. She faking getting agitated, him holding her closer. She opening her eyes in the morning to find him already awake, just looking at that perfect face for hers, waiting for her to speak something, anything, in that angelic voice of hers. The list goes on and on. Their afternoons, their evenings. Their walking together in the snow for the first time. The twinkle on her face when she looked at anything cute and him just looking at her being a carefree soul- if only for a while. The passion in his voice when he used to speak about something he felt for and her just listening to him till he broke off and looked and her and smiled the biggest of smiles. Her throwing her little tantrums, and him loving her for that- he always thought that she looked so goddamn cute when she did that! Him throwing his inane fits and her consoling him to see the right way- she couldn’t believe he was still such a kid!


Ah, they were perfect, weren’t they? Maybe even they realized that! They didn’t have a honeymoon period, nor a time of dull inertness. They came together, the spark in each other was too strong for them not to be entwined. They loved, and they loved crazy. Maybe she had to leave, maybe he couldn’t make it work.


But as she parted her lips away from his for the last time, she knew she wouldn’t be able to feel the same again. And he, as he struggled to let her go, he knew he was letting go of his life.