I wasn’t always like this, you know! Looking at the door- hoping for a knock, listening to the sound of the footsteps, wishing, praying that they be yours. I wasn’t always this senile, but you always got out the extremes from me, the whole range of emotions that I thought that I had buried deep inside- top to bottom, dawns to the dusks, you got them all out. When I was with you, I was a man possessed, without, I hoped as fuck to be put under the charm once again. Hoping that you would come around, hoping that you could see me as I saw you, for once, if at all.


You always compared yourself to others, how I was with them. Did you ever stop to wonder the difference in sentiments that I opened up to them? For the world, my range of emotional intelligence ranged from “oh fuck, that is terrible” to “oh faaack, that is absolutely brilliant!”. But you, you got the whole deal- from my tears to the wide ear to ear grins. We went down the lane to my inner sanctum, and what laid bare was my soul to you. We ran through the clouds and the only thing that came out was the rain. And for the life of me, I can never decipher what got lost in translation.


I looked at you, and I saw life. I saw the stars, the sunshine, and all that shit they say that makes one hopeful of the day that’s about to come by. The Sun, as well the Moon, you were the flower that made the world bloom. I was so accustomed to watch your face when you slowly drifted off to sleep, the tiny smile that stretched across your face when I kissed your cheeks and you drifted in your dreams. The soft little hands that I never wanted to let go, and the voice that woke me up each morning just when the night seemed to have taken its toll.  And I fell in love, with this, and all of that- I had promised myself that I will never commit the fallacy again, and you made me break it- so casually, no naturally. You never really had to do anything, you wouldn’t would have said a word, and I would have understood all what you meant. You wouldn’t would have moved a muscle, and I would have been on my knees.


On my knees. Looking up, at that smile. Looking up, into those eyes. Knowing that I belonged there. Knowing, that you knew it too. Knowing, that we might still have a chance. Knowing, that it could all fall apart. Knowing, with our lips entwined and eyes closed, this is a chapter that’ll define our lives from here to afar!