The parallel universe,

Oh it paints a beautiful picture for us!

There are starry nights and flickering away,

Is the warmth of an amorous candlelight.


There are no barriers, there are no boundaries,

I can feel you by my side and you me.

Where nights smell of love, and we paint our rosy pictures!

I climb on top and you push me to the side,

Maybe playfully sing that the time’s not right.

Then I hold you close and you give me a kiss,

Tell me, maybe, just maybe, this life doesn’t go amiss.


And this life could have turned a little better,

Don’t you wish we could have met somewhat earlier?

Where you weren’t bounded by your rules, and I weren’t that free from mine,

We could have given it a shot and seen it through time.


Time passed and took our reckless yonder of youth,

Where we could experiment, and wasn’t there plenty o’clock to mend?

There isn’t now and all we have are the fortresses in our heads,

And no one can breach the walls of memories that we have shared,

No one but us.

And every night, we will drink our glasses of wine,

Travel distances, the realms of time,

And when you are tired, I’ll kiss you to sleep,

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll tell me if this life doesn’t go amiss.


Oh the parallel universe,

What a beautiful picture it would be!

There will be starry nights,

And flickering away in the distance,

Be the warmth of our amorous candlelight.