Our life, at this point of time, is like paper soaked in water. We have to wait, for the dust to settle. We have to wait, for the dryness to begin. We have to keep waiting. Till the last drops have evaporated. Till the dangers of getting torn apart are lifted. Till the spirit becomes a little harder. Till we are stronger than the thin gullible part we used to be.

We all commit errors. But in the society we live in today, making amends of our mistakes isn’t allowed without repercussions. The game of throne is the game of thorns. To achieve the fabled finale, of whatever you wish to achieve, you have to tread through disappointments, for, a perfect story may have a faulty ending, if not a not so perfect beginning.

I stand on another shore, at the pinnacle of winning a battle in exchange of losing another. The path to the other side is full of pathos of our guilty conscience. The key lies in a hunger to engage in another battle.
So my friend. It’s all a cliche-ed game, let’s just play to enjoy the journey. For we fall to fight again.