“some things hit so hard to home that you’ve got to create some distance.”
these lines echoed over and over her head while she drove past his home.

It wasn’t easy for her being a successful woman in a country where the gods are female but the females are goods. Though she understood from some points there was simply no coming back. She knew that in this event, there could be no gradations. The zero cannot be the same zero after it became a one.

When you are searching for something so desperately, the worst that can happen is to get what you want right away. For her, love wasn’t a way for survival, it was the means of her being. But the quest for love is a long road, and when we arrive at it, the results can be a bit of a letdown. She wanted to feel that love exists because we insist on believing in it. But when you try to despise love, the love becomes a cruel, isolating vice pushing you into a shell, cutting the very wings on which you wish to fly away – from it.

He knew of the past when he put the proposal. For him, the past is not one’s to own, it is the past of the whole world. And he knew he had to let it out. For the best moment to talk about love is when you realize that love might be lost.

She listened to him peacefully and bid a hasty goodbye. We’ve known each other too long, she thought as she left, we can hurt each other with memories a decade old. He had always been there. And there is a difference between staying and coming back, and he had never left.

She knew the consequences. She left the place without a sign. She knew he will be heartbroken, but destruction has to be blind, You never see your victim in the eye.

Their story does not have an end. For an end requires closure. He had none, for he never found her again. How could she, when she died a Jane Doe in a mortuary the next street.