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A long sigh,
A sly smile,
Walked up to me and asked,
Would you be my valentine?

Beautiful eyes,
Concealing secrets divine,
Long hair- brightly shine,
Could I be her valentine?

Does my face say it all?
That one is single and bear no more,
The pressures of the society cave in,
To get a date even if it kills from within?

Not there yet, told myself the year last,
Being single’s liberating, the motto of past,
Do I have to follow this stupid trend,
Asks me to the self, again and again.

There are so many better things you can do on a fourteenth night,
Watch some movies, fill your mind with delight,
For the others don’t know what they’re missing,
They are only on their dates, dancing and kissing.

One should be above that, the mind reminds the self,
Stupid pleasures, cupid the silly pest,
I’m so better off driving the highway alone,
The drink and the joint’s better than the partner in your arms.

I think of all this as I consider her proposal,
Not bad looking is she, could I do better?
And all those years of singleness come crashing down my eyes,
I fall to my knees and beg yes! I would be your valentine.