I dreamt a dream last night,
It reminded me of you.
I was happy as one could be,
Till I woke up without you.

It wasn’t possible,
I pondered for a while.
You were lying in here with me a moment earlier.
Now it’s me,
And my shallow insides.

Then I thought a little more,
Of what was it that brought me smile.
The dream is a reflection of the subconscious after all,
Was there a hope of something good rotting in the deep contours of my mind?

Does one really have time for happiness?
Does one really care if it’s the day or the night?
We have become so engaged in our own pile of crap,
Slumbering on a couch networking online is living life king size !

Whatever happened to the simple joys of life,
Whatever happened to having fun without being high.
I am trying to discover, to dare find a balance,
Till then, I will remember you my friend,
Who visited me one fine night,
And left without that cursed goodbye.