the self

“The heart gets broken just the once. The dream gets shattered just the once. The rest are just the fragments you stick together, to be tested again. To be broken again. To be shattered again. This is when you fail to realize the one. When you fail to believe that your Sun rises and sets with the one. And a moonless night, you are left alone to rue the pieces of what you used to own.”

One day,
Maybe you’ll love again.

One day,
Maybe you’ll feel again.

Why do you cry?
You still haven’t lost it all.
But the voice inside,
It haunts.

It curses, it yells,
It blames you for the mistakes you never made.
You drown yourself in whiskey to make it go away,
Killing yourself, your conscience,
Memories of yesterday.

One day,
Maybe you’ll live again.

One day,
Maybe you’ll dance again.

She was yours to own,
Yours to caress.
She was the sun,
The moon,
The flower which made you bloom.

You never want to, but you remember the kiss,
The parting goodbye, the tears on her cheek.
You think of her name and you question yourself

Can you ever love again?
Can you ever feel again?
Let alone dancing in the rain,
Can you ever live again?