“Once upon a time..
in a kingdom far, far away..
there lived a young girl
whose hair was made of gold.
When the people
in the village saw her, they said

“Oh, how beautiful she is.”

But the people in the village
were very poor.
and every night, they crept
into the house where the girl slept.
and they cut off a piece
of her golden hair.
and they sold it for money.

“She’ll never even notice,”
they said.

And so, all the gold
was gone from her head.

And the people said.
‘Oh, she’s not beautiful at all.’

And they took her from
the beautiful house.
and they drove her
into the street.
And she went away.
and she never came back.

And soon,
people became hungry again.
and they went back into
the beautiful house.
Looking for gold,
but there was no one there.”

She wept, and here’s what she tried to say. All the time, all the years. If only one could listen, if only one could hear.

feast on my wine,
should i thank you for company?

have all the food i saved,
if not you, there’ll be other predators.

come to my house,
teach me the way to live,
take the jewels,
if you think they suit you better.

drink the water to quench your thirst,
bathe yourself, cleanse, there’s plenty out here.
carry on the charade as long as you want,
you’re not the first,
nor you’ll be the last.

i am weary,
i am tired.
waiting for a savior,
an unfulfilled desire.

don’t let my words mock you,
no, you are my child,
likewise, i shall always treat you,
carry on, you, like the ones have before.

sing your songs of merriment aloud,
strip me naked and call me lucky.

(The girl, the mother, her name – India)