I slip away from consciousness
And I see,
There’s an albatross around my neck,
As I try to breathe.

The mistakes of a life past by,
Come crashing though my open eyes.
I wish I had a little more time,
To be.

I know I hurt you sister
going away to this foreign land,
I will try to meet again
If I can

If I don’t,
know I love you
as much as I always have,
if I could turn around now,
you know I would.

Do tell father
it’s alright,
People live and people die,
Visit him sometimes in his dreams,
I will.

I have been to places
And I have seen a million things,
There’s someone in my head,
But that’s not me.

Forgive me mother,
This is the last breath I’ll breathe.

Image: The wall. Floyd.