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It doesn’t take much,
To get the tears flow again.
A memory rekindled,
A trick of the brain.
A forgotten spark,
A distant past,
All flash by as they fall,
Like a pack of paper cards.

No one knows about,
What happened at the time.
It lay deep down,
Somewhere in the contours of the mind.
Even I had forgotten that it ever occurred,
You see, I was very young.
It were an uncle,
A friendly familiar face.
I still cannot get what made him,
Unzip his pants on my face.
I believe I had run,
But somewhere deep down,
The damage was done.

Years have passed and I have grown,
I have had my share of highs and lows.
My first girlfriend broke up over a phone call,
I made it a point that the second would be double as hot!
Don’t judge me, I was young,
And once I did commit the fallacy of falling in love.
She took my heart, cajoled, caressed it,
And then broke it to pieces.
I survived and still stand,
Everything has played a part becoming who I am.

But I still fear strangers,
Still am confined,
Feeling all around me,
Though unable to mutter a sigh.
It takes a lot to get out of the shell,
A comfort zone,
Define it as you may.

I do want to meet that man,
Who in a moment of lusty madness could have destroyed this particular boy.
I want to show what the boy grew into,
And how can he be never half the man.

And I wish it never had happened,
I wish I could erase.
Crumble down the memory,
Make it fall,
Like air does,
To a pack of paper cards.