They were just two lost souls,
In search of peace, in look for warmth.
Found solace in others’ arms,
Drank moonlight from each’ souls, they.
But that was summer,
Will everything still stand,
Now that winter has come?

He just liked to stand off by himself,
All she wanted was to be on his side.
He kept looking at something he couldn’t figure out,
She killed herself in understanding why.
There was a veil between him and the world,
She hit it but could never break through.
He couldn’t ever touch anyone else,
She tried but could never touch him.

They wanted to make it work,
Together, as one, for them, nothing else mattered.
They would have loved to stay forever,
Life kept draining the plans in the river.
He exchanged his heart in want of her love,
She served hers on a platter.
But that was summer,
How will the things stand now,
Now that winter has come?