You came to my dreams last night,

Caressed my face with your lips,

And kissed me goodbye.


We both wore our true colors this time,

You the brightest light in the room,

And I searched for a place to hide.


You sparkled in that low-cut top that I always used to hate,

Maybe that was your way of showing me my place.

I kept looking for answers and could find none,

You taught me the fallacy of unconditional love.


We went to the bed together,

But I could never sleep.

Followed your hand into the ocean,

When I had not one idea how to swim.


But in the dream you made me smile again,

Didn’t want to let you go,

It just had to be that way. 

Tried to follow you into the darkness as you waved me by,

The ring on your finger made me change my mind.