the joker

The laughing psychopath did his best,
Deceit, madness and daggers shot at chest.
Wrecked havoc in the minds of the entire town,
Nothing the same after him around.

The greatest thing that devil ever pulled is to convince the world that he does not exist.

The madman understood it all,
Inside the maniacal laughter,
Resided a sense of foreboding calm.
This might sound insane, but that was his nature,
An animal so viscous even darkness failed to cater.
Midst all lunacy, he sang his lullabies,
Destroying all in his wake, the rest left to try.

When a joker dies, the joke remains.

I couldn’t do it, could I?
Let countless perish, allowed her to die.
Only solace is his master plan failed,
Killing him would have made a joker the world was not ready to face.

My body can take more but the mind is only human.

But I will get back before a bastard strikes again,
There won’t be another joker,
I need to make sure of that.
I know that my time will come sooner than later,
This is the destiny years ago I chose to cater.
The town will be a happier place when I am done.
No crazy laughs, no killing of parents beside the masts.

The world will never need to know who I really am,
But I will rise again.
For I am,
I am the batman.