As I stood staring at the pale moonlight,

The street spoke to me,

The sound that I heard was your soft voice,

And I wondered where you would be.


The gentle breeze,

It blew ever so peacefully,

There was a sense of calm around it,

And it reminded me of you.


There were two small pieces of paper,

Torn apart from a notebook where they must have lay,

Sewn together.

The wind blew them in circles,

Each rotating around itself,

And trying to revolve to catch the other.

They would meet a second,

And separate out the next.


With the wind, their charade died,

Apart, defeated, they lay spewn aside.

These papers, they flashed memories of fear,

The times when I realized our end was near.


The church at the corner rang its bells,

Another hour must have passed in its wake.

The chiming reminded me of the time that past,

The sunshines, the sunsets, and the life it was.

The car on the corner, it spoke of you,

The one long trip that we never took.

The snow flakes, they carried your mark,

How I wished I had more in my cask.

The silence around, it bellowed your name,

Taking me to our journeys and flashing at me, your face.


But the gentle breeze, it blew again,

Whispered to me softly, called out my name.

I could do nothing but slyly smile,

For you were the warm summer breeze in my life.




P.S: The timeline for this is winter. The warm summer breeze is the feeling of warmth amidst all the cold.