A tale of blood, suspense and mistrust.

Tarantino has made this movie for his fans. If you aren’t acquainted with his work, start with Reservoir Dogs, do the Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds. Then jump on to his more groovy work with Death Proof, Natural Born Killers and Grindhouse. (Django was too commercial a Tarantino work for me). Now you are all set. Get ready for a three-hour long saga looking at eight people, more or less, and getting enthralled and amazed.

The suspense in the movie is genuine- you are at the edge the whole time figuring stuff out and making the connections so that you can go in the end like aaah- I knew that! But when has Tarantino been this simple, and I think it is marvelous that he has been able to create so much with so few characters. The dialogues are extremely funny- dang dark humor, the plot is thick, you cannot point out a finger to who lies, and to someone who is living on the part of the globe with snow all around, the cold conditions on which the movie has been set gives you the absolute chills.

Samuel L. Jackson steals the show along with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russel is brilliant, Micheal Madsen is surprisingly old- one always wonders how come he hasn’t appeared in more movies, and Tim Roth can be confused with Christopher Waltz for one half of the movie! This film has all the Tarantino quirks, people vomiting blood, shots to the head with brain splatters, a quiet peaceful symphony with the most intense and disturbing scene that creates a blizzare effect, extremely funny dialogues at the most unthought of circumstances (diaaaaabooolicaaal biiiiiiaatch, dialogues between Jackson and Bob the Mexican), some lovable poor characters who die for nothing, and this film has Mr. Quentin at his unrestricted, unstrained best.

One of his best movies- it was an experience to say the least. And to imagine Tarantino nearly scraped off the project because of the leaked script!