We should have listened,
When the brain yelled a resounding no.
But at stake here was the heart,
And we just carried on and on.


It was beautiful, it was glorious,
The time we spent together and the rest in waiting.
There were nights when you just couldn’t sleep alone,
And you would know I’d be there waiting
For my girl to come home.


There were no promises, but a hope at heart,
This needs to last forever, what is here cannot be stopped.
Even with that knowledge, the brain tried to take precautionary steps,
A few goodbyes from you and me that landed back on our heads.
What were we thinking, if at all were we?
A life without the other and see what it comes to be?


You suffered, and so did I,
This constant yearning and no one to pass a word of comfort by.
Well you know you’re truly screwed
When you feel alone even when surrounded
by like minded fools.


But as every tide, the sadness passed,
The sunshine returned, and magical spells were cast.
You had your smile back, but I couldn’t pass one in return,
For the hand you held in the picture wasn’t this one.