Times had tried, and one as the next,
They had failed.
Each of those fought with all their might,
Helplessly try muster the strength to topple his life.

He knew he had a fragile mind,
a feeble defense and a flimsy core.
The only way he could protect it all,
Was deny anyone access to his whole.

He built boundaries,
Got himself a mask.
People came close but none past,
For there lay he- naked, vulnerable, and alone.

But along those jolly lines,
He met someone who made his breath queasy inside.
Looking at her, he realized what goosebumps were,
Touching her was electric sensations he never knew existed before.
Day after day, he let his defenses slip by,
Little by little, he gave her his keys.
For there was nothing that could harm him now,
Or so he thought, why shouldn’t he?

As it does to every single one,
life happened to them both.
And at the end- in his failures or his shortcomings,
He didn’t know who to blame more.

It’s not that she didn’t try,
Not that she hadn’t desperately kept looking at ways to break his slide.
He hated when he made her cry and cry she did,
when she knew she was kissing him goodbye.
As she watched him slowly fall into the abyss,
In front of her powerless eyes.