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God ! I wish I could cry,
Let the tears flow by,
Outpour the feelings,
The anger that’s inside.

I always thought that tears have power,
They heal,
They mend the fissures,
The bonds which stand weak.

Let me try and save the world,
It is a dark black place,
Or has it been the same ever?
Violence is encouraged,
A man not replying back is a wimp,
When can we learn,
Grow up!
Live in our little own worlds,
We’ve made for each other?

Everyday we die a little,
The clock has always been ticking,
Ever since we were born.
Each morning signifies a day less,
Every night a grim reminder of,
What life is and could have been.

We drink, we smoke,
We inject, we snort.
Get out of the normal state, if you may,
When did that ever become a pre requisite,
Of time well spent.

The sound of silence haunts,
And we fight over having the last laugh.
A light too bright,
and we try to drown ourselves,
in the darkness evermore.

When can we live,
When can we learn?
The precious lessons life tends,
To throw at time again.
When can we listen,
When can we see?
To love,
To just breathe.