The melody is inspired by “Empty chairs and empty tables” (Les Misérables)

a love song

There’s a hidden madness in every laughter,
A melancholiness in each song,
There’s an emptiness which constantly follows,
A silence that lingers on.

A faint sound of freedom,
A distant hint of joy,
The subtle signs of sorrow,
Mother would wonder for her boy.
A life which never lived up,
To the potentials and the hype.
It’s not just it shouldn’t be real,
All the failures and the lies.

I know that you mean well,
I know that you do care,
But there’s a step that’s forbidden,
A door which is ever locked.

The air it carries her smell,
All the tastes imagine her kiss,
There’s a fight which I fight inside me,
All my eggs in a single basket.

It’s tough to always be right,
And never be so wrong.
It’s impossible to listen to reason,
When all we ever shared,
Was a sad,
Love song.