heart spark

Do you remember the time?

When your eyes sparkled and my eyes twinkled,

I said words and your lips quivered.

You wouldn’t sleep without me at side,

And those steamy nights and the mornings left behind?

Don’t you ever think of the time,

The time, when you were mine?


Do you remember,

The night under the stars?

They whispered, didn’t they?

Can you recall what they said?

And doesn’t your mind gather flashes as does mine?

A collage of the photographs taken over the memories spread in time?


But we have to mature, right?

Don’t we got to let go of the shenanigans at some time!

The thin thread of love can only hold so much,

And each person is different, I get it, I know, right?

You chose you and I us, but that was just me, wasn’t it, sunshine?


You taught me to look at the bigger picture.

And can’t we still feel the spark?

You taught me to put up a smile,

Even in the face of the world being torn apart.

But don’t you realize that we are growing older,

And as every fire, every storm, our love, is getting colder.