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Usually small names for movies are reserved for those that are packed-a-punch. I’ll try to keep this discussion to just hindi movies– Gajini, Gadar, Lagaan, Bhoot, Dil Se- we loved them. They didn’t go for discussing the movies’ entirety in the name itself – a la Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (this is the name of the movie and the whole fucking theatre claps when the dilwaala does take the dulhaniya – duuude!), Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (-_-), Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (Oooooo- such suspense, tauba!) etc etc.

On the other hand, Roy is an extremely poorly written pretentious fuck of a movie. The less you talk about it, the better. Even the hummable songs can’t be the saving grace for the movie. Here the movie is in a nutshell (if you say this is a spoiler- fuck you) – the protagonist tries to pull off ‘the intelligent artist’ look and falls for a lady. The lady then acts as a muse for his story that he is directing but has just started writing (really?!). After a night of hot steamy sex, the lady gets up and reads the unfinished script of the director in which the story’s protagonist leaves the lady of the story after their first night in bed. Keep in mind the script is UNFINISHED. Our heroine gets so mad after reading it that she thinks that our hero is a fascist pig who only thinks about himself and leaves him stranding on the airport. We can only guess, because throughout the movie we can’t figure what the fuck is she angry about. Our hero, though a playa– having had 25 ‘girlfriends’- suffers a breakdown when she leaves. We cannot figure out exactly what happens in the later part of the movie- how he completes the script, makes the movie and somehow all is well.

In the movie, the dialogues are non-existent, the acting is poor and the direction is – well, let’s just say I enjoyed Housefull-2 more. The ingredients are all there in the movie, and if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find hints of story as well. Ranbir Kapoor has been wasted in the movie – one might agree that it was in his character not to display emotions, but comeon – the director did no justice to Mr Kapoor’s acting talents. That hunk of a man, Arjun Rampal is decent with whatever had been given to him and then there is the sex-bomb of a lady- Jacqueline Fernandez. When you see her in the entire movie and get a feast of her legs properly for only one song, you know that there is something wrong. Okay, that was sexist, but she cannot act, cannot deliver dialogues, and you still love her – why, anyone? ; )

P.S: Thanks for going through the review. Here’s the snapshot of the most enjoyable four minutes of the movie. Those legs maaaan, damn ! \o/


: D