image courtesy Leonid Efremov


Lie with me for a while.
We’ll build castles that float in the sky,
And we’ll climb through the clouds,
to visit them by.

I’ll tell you stories that you may have never heard before,
And you appear intrigued like you didn’t see the twists coming at all!
We’ll laugh and talk and smile,
Every few minutes, steal a look into the others’ eyes.
The parallel universe, wouldn’t it be the best place for us?
No one could find us, no one but us.

We’ll jump around the places from time to time,
Travel in the old English carriages, and drink ourselves fine wine.
And we’ll stop in the desert and lie under the billion stars,
Maybe travel up north and cause ripples in the lights up far.

We will do this and so much more,
And it’ll all start here, my love,
In your gentle arms, we’ll travel up and above.